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Craft Your Community – Improving Community Health in Minneapolis


Founded in 2015 by a group of students at the University of Minnesota, the Northern Ale Guide (NAG) was created to help connect beer enthusiasts with local taprooms to support the growth of the Minnesota (MN) brewing community. As beer lovers, what started as a class project turned into a statewide initiative to bring Minnesotans and visitors to the source of their favorite brews and explore the best of what our great state has to offer.


Competition is increasing as other local experienced-based organizations are using the same tactics as NAG. Northern Ale Guide had the challenge of remaining distinctive in an increasingly competitive environment. NAG wanted to make it easier for beer enthusiasts and MN breweries to choose NAG over its competitors. NAG sought 4PSR to help them do so.


We found a tremendous opportunity for NAG to develop its own social responsibility (CSR) strategy as NAG’s competitors showed zero signs of engagement towards CSR.

4PSR completed an assessment and analysis on NAG’s competitive landscape. Based on the results, we found that NAG’s competitors severely lacked development in their social responsibility efforts.

We expanded our initial efforts by completing an assessment and analysis by looking into the development of MN breweries. We found that those who were engaged in social responsibility efforts of their own, lacked long-term value creation for their organization.
This created a unique opportunity to not only continue connecting beer enthusiasts with local taprooms but now connect these local taprooms back to the community through social responsibility, for Northern Ale Guide.

CSR is such a strong attractor for beer enthusiasts and MN breweries that it would disrupt the efforts of NAG’s competitors. Through this CSR focus, NAG is offering more value than their competitors.

Our approach to fulfilling this strategy resulted in 4PSR connecting NAG to MATTER, a local nonprofit on a mission to expand access to health, next door and around the world. NAG and MATTER had many of the same objectives – as they continue to explore ways to engage in food and beverage industries.

MATTER launched their Farm in a Box (FIAB) program in 2016 to provide small-scale farmers with site design, equipment, and supplies to sustain their yields. After conducting a discovery workshop between the two organizations, we created a partnership that leverages Northern Ale Guide’s network of MN breweries as well as MATTER’s new FIAB program.


4PSR developed a foundation for NAG to create distinction amongst beer enthusiasts and MN breweries.

Craft Your Community (CYC)

“Harvesting the passion of Midwest craft beer to help craft the community around us.”

CYC brings together Midwest breweries to create significant change in the communities they are apart of.
4PSR introduced CYC to Lumberjacks and Lumberjills during the 2017 Tipsy Timberer to gage overall interest.

96 out of 100 surveyed respondents would be more likely to purchase from breweries based on how they contribute back to society.

4PSR introduced Craft Your Community to MATTER’s constituents during A Night to MATTER – 17th Annual Gala (2017). NAG, MATTER, and NAG partnered with six local breweries – Alloy Brewing Company, Angry Inch Brewing, Bald Man Brewing, Lakes & Legends Brewing, OMNI Brewing, and Wicked Wort Brewing Co. A limited number of growlers were sold to commemorate a successful partnership between NAG, MATTER, and CYC breweries.


We contributed $15,000 in material resources to MATTER’s FIAB program.

Looking Forward:

4PSR is exploring opportunities to bring the FIAB program for the first time domestically to North Minneapolis, through collaboration between NAG, MATTER, six partnered CYC breweries, and other organizations.

We created a model for continued success through the establishment of the CYC platform that contributes to NAG’s core business.

Craft Your Community will officially launch in the 2018 Northern Ale Guide. Northern Ale Guide has set forth the goal to make available $25,000 in material resources.

About 4PSR:

4PSR helps food and beverage companies co-create a greater shared purpose for all moving us towards solving the world’s most challenging problems.